Exercise After Surgery

I am so proud of myself recently. 2 years ago my muscles were just wastage, they were gone, a combination of falling severely ill with ulcerative colitis, two weeks of barely being able to move or eat, being rushed into a long, invasive surgery, then being bed bound for weeks, contracting sepsis etc., etc. caused... Continue Reading →


Our Camper!

Some of you may already know, if you know me in real life or follow me on Instagram, that me and Jon bought a van almost a year ago and have been converting it ever since. This our biggest project ever, as separate people as well as together, but it is also our biggest dream!... Continue Reading →

Walk IT Edinburgh 2018

I love Edinburgh! We did this walk last year too and it just made sense to go back. Walk IT events are held all over the country (and definitely closer to me than Edinburgh) but its worth the drive. We decided this year that we would make a weekend out of this and we travelled... Continue Reading →


In this post I want to highlight the importance of taking everyday as it comes, treating everyday as your last and not letting a little thing such as, erm I don't know, major life saving, abdominal surgery hold you back! (I will post pictures at the end of this incase any of the subjects in... Continue Reading →

Vegetarian Ostomate

Since new year we have been trying to stick to a vegetarian diet. I have done it before, prior to my surgery, and we have been veggie at home for a while but not necessarily sticking to it when we go out, to other peoples houses etc. So since new year I have decided I... Continue Reading →


Today I just need to have a rant. I have had people messaging me for a while about IBD, either they have it too and want someone to talk to, they also are trying to raise awareness, they're newly diagnosed and need some advise or are not yet diagnosed and are seeking an opinion and... Continue Reading →

It’s okay to not be okay

I try so hard to stay positive all the time, for myself and for others reading my blog/Instagram etc. But right now I'm really struggling to accept that I'm unwell. I still haven't really come to terms with the fact that I'm going to be unwell for the rest of my life. That's such a... Continue Reading →

Photo shoot

A year or so after I had my ileostomy surgery I decided I really wanted to contribute towards raising awareness for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. I had been wanting to make a difference for a long time, as soon as I started building my strength and confidence back up I knew I wanted to do something,... Continue Reading →

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